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How Can I Get In On Offshore Banking Investments?

January 18, 2018

Legislative amendments to allow for the formation of Private Trust Companies has recently been introduced in the Bahamas. This demonstrates the government's commitment to the delivery of superior financial services to all clients.


The government is talking with stockholders including International Banks and Trust Companies, The Bahamas Financial Services Board among other financial institutions. A recent seminar was held to discuss the use and review of legislation as it pertains to Private Trust Companies.


A private trust company is formed for the purpose of acting as trustee of a single trust. Most of the world's wealth is held by private individuals and their families. The preservation of that wealth is what Private Wealth Management is about. PWM for families involves the creation of programs to generate wealth, protect wealth from predators, and control the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. These services are usually geared to those individuals with a high net worth.


In 2003 the money owned by these individuals was around $29 Trillion and expected to jump to $41 Trillion by 2008. When you are talking about someone who will be interested in offshore banking investment it would most likely be someone with an amount of $100,000 to $5 million. If an investor has less than $100,000 to invest it is likely that offshore investing is right for them.


Nearly every bank with an inkling of being international offers a special rate of interest to wealthier private depositors and name it private banking. Minimums have fallen to under $10,000 in many instances. Many institutions are catering to the customer with $20,000 to invest in the hope that they will have $200,000 or $2 Million to invest in the future.


Offshore banking investment or private investment usually means investment management offered on a personalized level by the individual or company with disposable wealth of over $100,000. You should exercise care when you are thinking of opening a private banking account. You need to be sure it is the type of bank you want to do business with. Private banking is not the same as offshore banking. You will need to know the difference. Find out what any bank hopes to gain from your business before you open any type of an account.


Private banking does not necessarily mean investment. Banks like to lend money to rich people. If you deposit money with a private bank that is not accompanied by lending or borrowing is usually going to charge you a fee. Many times these banks are hoping for more involvement from wealthy depositors in the future.


If you are a wealthy individual, you will undoubtedly be bombarded by offers from many different banks who want you to deposit your money in their institution. Whether you will choose an offshore or conventional bank will depend on your residential status. If you plan to have residence in a low tax area, or plan to do so in the near future, than you will probably want to do business with an offshore bank.


You will need to know everything about the bank you choose before you become involved with it. You will be able to choose the right bank for your particular needs once you have looked into what they are able to offer you.


If you are interested in financial services helping you manage your wealth, assets, make investments for you, or manage your business banking, and then you should contact C.L. King & Associates financial services provider

The firm provides investment banking, equity research, sales and trading, and investor services to corporations and institutions.
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Banking and Finance Careers

January 8, 2018

We all use math daily. While many of us just use the basics to keep track of how much money we gave and the change we should get, those who want to purse banking and finance careers do more than that to keep their clients happy.


People who work in banking and finance are paid well for the work that they do. Four of the fields that many professionals get into include accountancy and tax, Insurance, investment banking and retail banking. Let’s talk about each of these.


For people to work in accountancy and tax, you need to graduate and get your CPA or certified public accountancy license. To learn more about what you will be doing, many have to complete an on the job training with a legitimate accountancy firm.

The training period is about three years and afterwards, you can continue on staying with them, working for another firm or going into private practice.


Insurers just like accountants need to be licensed. This varies from state to state so you have to study and then pass the exam. Once you do so, your career may get you to sell property or casually insurance and life or health insurance.


You should also take further classes in the future because although you have your license already, rules change and you have to be aware of them.


Perhaps the biggest challenge selling insurance is deciding whether to work for an insurance company or doing this on your own. There are advantages and disadvantages doing both. When you are employed, you get a basic salary while those who decide to work for themselves can only make money earning commissions when a sale is made.  How well you do is entirely up to you.

Investment banking is different from regular banking because you are there to raise capital for a company by issuing shares or bonds. Later on, you may even work with a team that advises companies regarding mergers and acquisitions.


Also under investment banking is capital markets. Here, the professional is tasked with trading bonds stocks and other financial products to increase the portfolio of the client.

But before you get into that, most entry levels personnel start out doing research first about certain companies and who are their competitors. Their information is then passed on to the account managers who will then advice the client.


Lastly is retail banking which many of us are aware of because these are the people we meet in the bank from the teller to the bank manager when we need to deposit or withdraw cash and apply for a loan.

Unlike accountancy or insurance, you don’t need to get a license to do this kind of work. You just have to be customer oriented with strong interpersonal and communication skills since you will be dealing with people.


Tax and accountancy, insurance, investment banking and retail banking are the four basic types of jobs for anyone that wants to pursue a banking and finance career after graduation from college. Career progression in any of them is excellent and this can only happen with additional training and at times a license.

This can be achieved by part time study so all you have to do now is weigh your options and then go for it.


C.L. King & Associates is a full-service investment bank and self-clearing broker-dealer founded in 1972. At C.L. King & Associates, we enjoy a strong sense of pride and teamwork. Committed to professional development, C.L. King nourishes the strength of its dedicated team members.
Recent MBA graduates or MBA candidates looking for internship opportunities in financial services can submit their resume to

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Mortgage Underwriting Outsourcing - A Quick Rundown of the Concept

January 6, 2018

Have you tried mortgage underwriting outsourcing? This is a common practice nowadays among owners of mortgage lending companies. It entails allocation of the lengthy and difficult process of underwriting to an external worker. When a borrower applies for a loan, on the internet or at a local bank, their request is received by loan officers on behalf of a lender.


Loan officers then begin to carry out the loan origination process. They receive application forms and request necessary documents that would help them pre-approve or drop some loan applicants.


When an application form is pre-approved, it is forwarded to the next stage of underwriting. This can simply be explained as the task of determining the creditworthiness of a house loan applicant. Mortgage underwriting outsourcing makes this task easier, cheaper and quicker. The technique is being used by large and small banks to lower their daily overheads. Does this make sense to you? When a bank outsources its underwriting process to an independent outworker, it automatically saves its office resources, time and money.


This is because underwriters from outside do not require any support from their clients. They have large teams of professionals who approve or reject loans very quickly. Mortgage underwriting outsourcing can be applicable in today's unstable economy where inflation has become a common threat to businesses. During inflation, companies that are not aware of outsourcing strategy lay off their workers to survive. There is no need to wait until this happens. You can let go of redundant staff right now in favor of mortgage underwriting outsourcing. You could also shift them to other departments or stages of loan origination process.


It is never too late to change the way you run your lending institution. A practical change such as introducing mortgage underwriting outsourcing will produce sweet fruits in the near future. Since underwriters establish the plan for recovery of money in case a borrower defaults in the future, you must choose them cautiously. It is wise to engage a local mortgage processing firm that has many positive reviews and years of experience. Additionally, you must focus on hiring an external underwriter that processes similar loans as yourself. For instance, if you process VA home loans, search for an underwriting company that can handle them.


The only major requirement a mortgage underwriting outsourcing company will demand from you is a service fee. Some companies pre-set their service fees while others are willing to negotiate rates with you. It is up to you to select the company you want. Even as you hire an outsider to underwrite your loan contracts, you need to make some vital decisions. For example, you have to decide if you will be the bridge between your customers and the third party underwriters. If you want to stick between them, then get ready to communicate and give feedback. The other arrangement involves letting your outworker communicate directly with loan applicants. Like many people, you might fear that an external underwriter could request your customers to stop giving you business. This cannot happen because these professionals are only in the business of mortgage underwriting outsourcing.


For more information you can consult our experts at C.L. King & Associates.
C.L. King & Associates is a full-service investment bank and self-clearing broker-dealer founded in 1972. When combined with our strong capital base, we are an active securities underwriter. We co-manage bond offerings, IPOs, follow-ons, secondaries, convertibles, and preferred
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Points to Consider when investing in The Stock Market

December 30, 2017

Here are six actions you can start with:

1) Consider the P/E ratio of the market as a whole and of your stock in particular.
Most of the time, you can ignore the market and just focus on buying good companies at reasonable prices. But when stock prices get too far ahead of earnings, there's usually a drop in store. Compare historical P/E ratios with current ratios to get some idea of what's excessive, but keep in mind that the market will support higher P/E ratios when interest rates are low.


2) When inflation and interest rates are soaring, the market is often due for a alert.
High interest rates force companies that depend on borrowing to spend more of their cash to grow revenues. At the same time, money markets and bonds start paying out more attractive rates. If investors can earn 8% to 12% in a money market fund, they're less likely to take the risk of investing in the market.

Of course, severe drops can happen in times of low interest rates as well. Look for red flags in the financial news, such as the beginning of the recent housing slump or the international credit crisis. Don't let fear and uncertainty keep you from participating. Remember that the market goes up more than it goes down. Even poor market timers make money if they buy good companies.


3) Do your homework.
Study the balance sheet and annual report of the company that's caught your interest. At the very least, know how much you're paying for the company's earnings, how much debt it has, and what its cash flow picture is like. Read the latest news stories on the company and make sure you are clear on why you expect the company's earnings to grow.

If you don't understand the story, don't buy it. But, after you've bought the stock, continue to monitor the news carefully. Don't panic over a little bit of negative news from time to time. Nearly every company has an occasional setback.

But if there is serious evidence of fraud or declining prospects, act quickly. Restating earnings is often a clear sign that all is not well with a company's accounting practices.


4) Be patient.
Predicting the direction of the market or of an individual issue over the long term is considerably easier that predicting what it will do tomorrow, next week or next month. Day traders and very short term market traders seldom succeed for long. If your company is under priced and growing its earnings, the market will take notice eventually.


5) Take advantage of periodic panics to load up on shares you really like long term.
It isn't easy to do, but following this advice will vastly improve your bottom line.


6) Remember that it's not different this time.
Whenever the market starts doing crazy things, people will say that the situation is unprecedented. They will justify outrageous P/E's by talking about a new paradigm. Or, they'll bail out of stocks at the worst possible time by insisting that this time, the end of the world is really at hand.


If you watch these cycles over a period of 20-30 years or so, you'll learn a valuable lesson: It's never different this time. Ignore the hype, and carry on.


For more details you can consult with the experts at C.L. King & Associates. The company has managed First Mortgage Bonds offering, bond and stock offering for Walmart, NextEra Energy Capital Holdings and many more.
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Stock Market Research - Easy Ways to Find Solid Stocks

December 11, 2017

These days, many people are looking for ways to grow their personal wealth, without having to wait around for the slow accumulation of interest and dividends from high yield savings accounts, money market funds, and certificates of deposit. Investing in the stock market is one of the best ways to make your money work harder and grow long term wealth for yourself and your family. Of course, you have to be willing to risk your money on the public markets in the first place, and it's important that you conduct a fair amount of stock market research before you make a purchase.


It's likely that the idea of conducting some stock market research has already occurred to you, as it only makes sense that you would investigate the financial stability of a company before you turned over your money to their uses. However, many people don't really know how to go about researching a stock to see if it is worth their time and money, and they're also reluctant to invest a lot of time in the research process if they don't really know what they're doing. There are some easy ways to investigate a stock without having to make a three-month research process out of it.


One of the simplest recommendations for stock market research, is to narrow the field of possibilities to those stocks that you know or the companies that you think have a really strong product offering. If you love their product and think that it represents the future of their industry, it's likely that many other people will also recognize the same things, and purchase it as well. This combination of potential for demand and development makes a company a solid choice for your cautious investment.


When conducting your stock market research, it's also important to keep in mind that not every company that demonstrates a lot of potential also demonstrates a lot of potential for you to make money. Profit is the whole reason for getting involved with the stock market in the first place, and if you unknowingly pay too much for a stock that is very popular, you might find it is a long time before you can hope to see dividends, or resell the stock for a profit. It's important that you use techniques like technical analysis and market evaluation to determine whether the market is currently under or overvalued. This will prevent you from making mistakes that could be costly.


For more details you can consult with the experts at C.L. King & Associates. C.L. King’s Equities division provides superior fundamental research, sales and execution services to our institutional clientele. We identify opportunities for superior investment returns by discovering overlooked and underfollowed small- to mid-capitalization stocks within select industry sectors, while providing differentiated and comprehensive intelligence.
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C.L. King Tips to Find a Stock Market Broker

December 7, 2017

Since you are entrusting someone else to increase your monetary returns, it is important to find a reputable stock-market broker to handle your investments. A stock marketing is a licensed professional who can buy and sell stock shares or other securities on behalf of an investor. A stock-market broker works on a commission basis, often receiving bonuses and incentives for their performance


What to Look for in a Stock-Market Broker?

There are many factors to consider when selecting your stock market broker.

  • Are they licensed? 
  • What is their commission structure? 
  • How much experience do they have?


A stock-market broker stays abreast of the best way to achieve the financial goals of their clients. A good broker like C.L. King & Associates will strive to understand their needs, offer high quality research, and provide sound advice concerning investment opportunities. This is especially helpful to many clients, as some investors have no idea how the stock market works.


How your Stock Market Broker Operates

  1. How does your broker approach investments? Is he aggressive and high-risk or conservative and methodical? 
  2. What process goes into deciding on an investment stock? How much research is involved in a prospective stock? How many years of history does he research? 
  3. Are you involved in any selections as the investor? Does your broker work better in an execution or discretionary role?


There are often three levels of service that your stock-market broker operates in:

  • Execution - you instruct your stock market broker on when to buy and sell the stock shares that you want. They carry out your instructions, but will not give you advice about your decision. You can consult a different financial advisor for this if you desire.
  • Consultative - When your stock market broker acts as a consultant, he will discuss with you his views on the various companies and recommend whether you should buy, sell or hold on to your shares. In this respect, he will offer you advice concerning a decision that should be made about a certain stock.
  • Discretionary - your broker makes all decisions to purchase and sell and contacts you periodically to keep you informed concerning your portfolio performance.


Before you may be able to select the best broker for your needs, it is important to first understand your investment goals and philosophy. It is important to carefully calculate the amount you are willing to invest and assess the risk that you can afford to take when investing. Be very honest with your stock market broker concerning these points. A stock market broker who knows that you have a stable and conservative portfolio that you would like to keep that way will make different decisions than a high-risk, active client.


Remember when selecting a stock market broker that it is your money. You may find a particular broker to aggressive or even too conservative for the type of portfolio that you want to build. Make sure to emphasize your financial goals and risks. With the right research, you are sure to find the perfect match for your money in a stock market broker.


For more details you can consult with the experts at C.L. King & Associates. C.L. King takes a rigorous approach to financial advisory and M&A assignments based on years of experience, the latest finance theory, and comprehensive valuation insights gained from being an active broker-dealer in securities markets.
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A Global Perspective is the Key to Unlock Stronger Investment Returns

December 4, 2017

Many investors regardless of where they live tend to look at investing from a domestic perspective, as they usually focus their investment dollars on companies in their own countries. They are comfortable with these companies partly because they are the ones covered most often in the various media sources they follow. This country specific perspective can cause investors to overlook excellent investment opportunities in other countries.


For many years some of the best investment returns came from the developed economies of the world. One of the leading developed economies is America, during the past 100 plus years, the growth of this economy has been very powerful.


In the future America will continue to be a global economic leader but some argue due to recent economic challenges that the country is losing its leadership position. Even though the American economy is struggling through a tough period - due to the strength and resilience of corporate America and the people of the country - it will likely come out stronger.


Some market pundits argue that the American economy and corporate America is doomed to a long period of tough times. We don't agree with these dire predictions and think it is a bad bet to take this stance over the long term.

The American economy is a mature economy and on average, investors that invested in corporate America when it was less mature and rode it while it matured did very well.


Emerging economies including China, India and others are providing opportunities to get in early as they grow toward mature economies. As they grow one can invest in their early development and this is similar to the opportunities available years ago for investors in the development of the American economy. Future economic growth from emerging economies will be more powerful because they have much larger populations than the developed economies.


There are great opportunities for investors in emerging economies and it is important for investors to look outside their own borders for investment opportunities. For no other reason than looking at things from a global perspective will give one insight, into their own domestic companies that do business internationally.


Without a doubt the global economy is dynamic and there are opportunities for investors all over the world. Where each country fits in this global economy is also crucial to understand, especially when considering investments. In the future emerging economies will play an increasingly important role in the global economy, and as they mature will undoubtedly have companies with exceptional growth.


Whether or not an investor looks for opportunities throughout the world, a better understanding of the global economy should help improve returns. When it comes to investing - the world is full of opportunities and looking beyond your own borders can lead to outstanding returns.


C.L. King’s Equities division provides superior fundamental research, sales and execution services to our institutional clientele. C.L. King identify opportunities for superior investment returns by discovering overlooked and underfollowed small to mid-capitalization stocks within select industry sectors, while providing differentiated and comprehensive intelligence. We put our customers first as we respond to their needs for integrity, independent thinking, in-depth stock analysis and best execution.

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Benefits of Equity Trading

November 30, 2017
Equity trading market is a well-paid segment for traders. Essentially it refers to the world of stock along the public platform, which allows the traders' deal, needs and can be profitable, exclusive and pleasurable. The basic elements to get benefits from this business are performing proper research and recognize what sources to consider. If you are thinking of forward investing into the equity trading segment, then you require having a good market research of the essentials of equity trading.
Equity usually represents an ownership worth in an asset which reduce the confusing trading. This form of trading frequently performs in the public markets, principally contain many different securities, and need diverse planning and trading tool knowledge. The most exciting feature of equity trading is that it needs for any time of the day or night. Here it is not only gainful for the big trader, but also for an investor who wants to have a short term income. It can be simply processed by the shareholder, or by an advisor authorized to trade on behalf of the share's holder.
Equity trading proposes bid and ask price option for all equity investors. A bid price represents the price on which a broker or trader buys a stock point and asks price usually offer to the price on which trader or broker sells a stock point. On the other hand, it is also significant to appreciate that the bid price value and ask price value can't be identical. Some time asks price will be higher than the bid price in the equity market. It represents that if an investor buys the stock, they pays the highest price and if sells the stock, trader accept the lower price.
Equities trading benefits that can be shown as follows:
  • Equities trading process in both domestic as well as global marketplace and investors can deal equity by futures markets.
  • Equity market is open for a full day i.e. 24 hours a day and so investors don't require to wait to open the market.
  • There are different type of Equity which frequently refers to options, deserve and adaptable preferred stock.
  • By operate definite equity trading method; equity investor can minimize the losses. Although, with the help of trading tools, an investors can engage in equity trading market and can minimize the extreme losses.
For any kind of help for your investment goals you can consult with us at C.L. King & Associates. C.L. King’s Equities division provides superior fundamental research, sales and execution services to our institutional clientele. Our professionals embody an entrepreneurial drive for excellence as well as a commitment to work with our clients to help them achieve and exceed their investment objectives.

Update Yourself Regularly With the Stock Market News

November 27, 2017

If you are planning to invest your sum in today's stock market, it is a very good decision, since you can start even with a small amount that you have. There are small cap stocks for one who desire to invest small, initially. There is no compulsion as such that you need to invest larger amount, in the beginning itself.


If you get to understand the importance of stock market news, it actually aids one to take the correct decision in terms of trading. It is the stock market update that keeps people upgraded about the live stock market and be informed as to which sector is performing better, which company one should prefer to trade, etc. in addition to this, one can get an insight of the active shares in this market update.


In this advanced and fast paced world, where everything right from purchasing to selling and sending messages can be done online, this marketing field is not behind in this case, with this online trade in existence and for the convenience of the traders, it has been observed that online trading is dominating the trading scenario of today's stock market. One can get an easy access to this latest market news online by paying a small visit to the news portal. Here, you can go through the important news at your convenience and satisfaction levels.


For your information, always remember that one should never expect that the stock market will always run in your favor. It takes its own course based on the conditions in the market and it is upon you to follow that course. If you fail to follow it, you will have to face significant losses, hut if you follow them you can indeed make great gains in a very small time period. Wise and serious investors never attempt to miss an opportunity to see the live stocks, update themselves with the current market news and have a quick look at the stock proposals and its associated market stuff.


It is very essential to go through the market news regularly in order to keep yourself informed as to what is taking place in the share market exactly. Once you get into trading, make your own principles and strategy, if that does not work, make another. Go on with this process till you successfully create a strategy that works efficiently for you at its fullest.


For more info, consult with the experts at C.L. King & Associates. C.L. King is a full-service investment bank and self-clearing broker-dealer founded in 1972. The company co-manage IPOs, follow-ons, secondary, convertibles, preferred and bond offerings. We also provide advisory services in connection with mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, valuation, and review of strategic alternatives. In addition, C.L. King transacts directly in the capital markets on behalf of corporations and executives through our Corporate Services business focused on share repurchase and the monetization of restricted stock.
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Considering Duration in Bond Investing

November 25, 2017

One of the several factors to be considered while investing in bonds is the duration of the bond. In general sense, duration might mean only the tenure or time period. However, in bond investing, duration includes not the time factor but also the interest rate risk attached with it. There are different ways of computing duration and each measure has a different interpretation. Generally, these details are given by brokers or financial advisors who provide the pricing details of the bonds. In this article, we will elaborate on how to consider duration while investing in bonds.


Duration is a measure of interest rate risk. It describes the sensitivity of the bond price to the changes in the interest rate. Based on the current economic environment and the expected change in interest rate environment, investors can use duration as tool for investing in bonds in order to optimise their returns. Generally, portfolio managers construct bond portfolios with a target duration based on their expectation of the interest rate movement and the risk appetite of the investors. While working on their individual portfolios, even retail investors can apply similar strategy.


When the markets are normal with minimal change expected in the interest rates investors could opt to hold short or low duration bonds. Bonds with low duration of one to three years are less volatile and despite moderately low yields, these bonds earn relatively higher return for shorter duration. Similarly, bonds with duration of three to five years are more volatile, but earn higher yields. Long duration strategy typically involves investing in bonds with duration ranging from six to thirty years. Perpetual bonds are also long duration bonds as they are generally callable after 15 years. Long duration bonds might be used to match the liabilities portfolio. This ensures smooth cash flows between the maturity of the assets and liabilities. Investors might also look at long duration bonds as an alternative to equity investments. Long duration bonds are more stable than equities and also promise an exit point for the investors.


While working out different duration portfolios it is important for the investors to understand that the overall returns of the portfolio might not be same as the returns earned on similar duration bond. The investors can utilise this to their advantage and dilute the interest rate risks by diversifying their portfolio with bonds of different duration. Though the returns vary the interest rate risk is mitigated.


Investors can seek the help of professional financial advisers like C.L. King & Associates to help them construct a portfolio that matches the interest risk with risk appetite of the investors. Even retail investors invested in bond funds could ask their brokers to share the information on the duration of the fund and kept themselves aware of the inherent interest risk of the funds.


C.L. King & Associates takes a rigorous approach to financial advisory and M&A assignments based on years of experience. In addition to valuation, our team provides financial and strategic analysis to identify key transaction partners and the right deal structure. C.L. King has acted as Co-Manager for PECO Energy Company, Charter Communications, Amazon and many more for Bond Offering.
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