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Ways to Find a Conservative Investment Strategy

Most local banks are indulging to take over the investment banking business, and some highly under-leveraged companies have gained a lot and showed maximum growth. These companies are now progressively tapping onto a new investment through equity offerings to subsidize growth plans.


Banks a…

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Corporate Finance Consulting - Trendy Assistant To Financing

Finance is now part of most common and trivial activities of routine life. Be it marketing, selling any wares, assistance to any person in any form, finance forms the core element. Finance having widespread branches is not merely confined to regular chores of life. In tune of this discussion, comes …

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Useful Tips on Investment Banking

Investment banking can be a very useful tool for generating needed funding for expansion. Such firms can help you create your value proposition and tailor your bid for funding to really align with potential investors.


1. Determine How Much Capital You Need to Raise. In determining how much …

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Trade Finance as a Business Development Strategy

Without trade finance, there wouldn't be Indian spices, clothes, or jewelry in the United States. Or Apple's iPhones in China, much less any other international product at any respectable distance from its origin.

In fact, according to Investopedia, the World Trade Organization (WTO) estimates th…

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Corporate Finance and The Quality of Money

Economics as a broad discipline is sometimes treated as a hard and quantitative physical science and sometimes as a human and social qualitative science.

The ongoing debate revolves around whether economics follows certain mathematical laws which can be discovered, or whether it revolves more aro…

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Financial Importance Behind a Short Term Investment Plan

Investments can be both short termed or long termed covering the interest and financial planning done by the investors. This is because behind the management of money, investments play a major role which every investor cares to understand and plan accordingly. To begin with an individual interested …

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How Safe Are Corporate Bonds?

Many companies use two ways to raise the money required for business growth. The way in which they do this is through issuing shares or issuing bonds. With shares you become a part owner of the company but with bonds you become a lender to the company. Corporate bonds are one of the main ways for th…

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Fixing Some Common Stock Market Investing Mistakes

Investing can be incredibly dangerous if you get right down and think about it. If you make just a few bad choices why, you can wipe out an entire lifetimes worth of careful savings and planning and endanger your entire retirement... heck you can even get yourself thrown out on the street.


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