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For Better Business Prospects, Build Corporate Credit

For establishing your credit worthiness with creditors you need to build corporate credit. By doing this, not only does your business grow fast, but also your credibility goes up significantly. When you are a serious business person and have a strong corporate credit, chances are that any loan reque…

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Corporate Credit Ratings Show the Company's Worth

Numbers matter. Everything translates to numbers these days. Some say we can actually predict our future through numbers. That is why when one wants to learn astronomy, one just does not look at the stars but one has to learn numbers. The success of the business can also be translated to numbers. Th…

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Lessons Learned For Businesses Entering the Trade Finance Market

The Internet has become in incredible earning tool, especially for small businesses. While there was a time when the international trade finance market was limited to corporations with big budgets that could advertise internationally, the Internet has made it possible for small businesses to go main…

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A Successful Corporate Strategy Rises From Team Building

Success hails from unity and a team is all about the bonding entailed in it. Teamwork encourages collaboration and better quality of work. Successful team bonding is not only about reaping revenue. It definitely includes involvement of each member and how they coordinate with each other while execut…

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Corporate Credit Building - CL King & Associates

Having corporate credit doesn't give you a free ticket to use it. The wise business owner understands this from the very start. If you aren't good at handling your own finances, then you aren't going to be much better with business credit. You need to keep it all in perspective though because if you…

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C.L. King & Associates - Concept of Financial Management

Financial management is a field that deals with management of monetary resources of an organization with the objective of wealth maximization of its stakeholders and achievement of the organization's objectives. A financial manager plans and directs the financial resources of the organization throug…

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How Reliable Equity Research Reports Are?

What is an Equity Research Report?

Equity research reports also called as Securities research reports is a report written by a brokerage or research firms for its clients in order to help their investors to make investment decisions in a shares. An equity research report includes an analysis of…

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Investment Banking and Private Equity

Private equity and investment banking both are terms commonly used in the world of business. But these big terms tend to confuse commerce students who are just beginning to learn about the various aspects of business. So what exactly is the difference between these two?


Let's start with the…

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How Consultants Can Help Business For LPO Launch?

IPO (Initial Public Offering) is a way to raise funds or capital by transforming a private company into public company. It leads to selling of company's share among the general public. There are many companies in the market who don't have enough capital to start or expand their business. IPO launch …

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Finance Metrics and The Essential Contents

Managing money is not always about cost cutting. It requires analytical approaches that will indicate which part of the expenses should be minimized or totally eradicated. As such, there has to be measurements in managing money; and in terms of report, this is translated into what is called finance …

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Valuation - The Essence of Corporate Finance

Valuation is an important process in corporate finance and it helps to determine the present value of assets. Both, assets and liabilities of a company can be valued. The process is important for all business owners, big and small, to know how much their company is worth. Valuation is needed for the…

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Benefits Of Choosing Corporate Strategy Services

Corporate strategy services help in building and sustaining competitive advantage. Businesses need innovative strategies to keep pace with the changes that place in a typical business environment. Strategic services help in laying down the groundwork for developing the corporate strategy and putting…

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Capitalization and Medium Term Notes

Why is there such a requirement for making an investment in non-public programs that use MTN's or medium term notes and sometimes Treasury Bills? Since the mid-1990's to the present time, Medium term note investments have risen ten folds. Corporations in the likes of Sony Capital, Harley Davidson, L…

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Corporate Service - The Multiple Corporation Strategy

When you decide to incorporate your first business the very next thing that you should do is to incorporate two to five more businesses even if you don't have any plans on using them at this point.


There are several key reasons for this strategy and if you are serious about building a busin…

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How to Select an Investment Banker?

As an investment banker for a boutique firm providing merger and acquisition services and corporate finance advisory services, we at CL King & Associates are often asked to "pitch" our services to prospective clients as they try to figure out who to hire. 

For a business owner contemplating hiri…

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Corporate Advisory Services from CL King & Associates

Corporate advisory services from CL King guarantee that a corporate undertaking runs productively at its greatest potential through compelling service of budgetary and different assets. It additionally restores feeble units and old-line companies that aides existing units in finding activities/areas…

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Strategic Thinking, Instinct and Flair for Better Investor Communication

Investor communication differs from marketing communication, external relations and media communication (to pick specific ones based on its importance to any company).

Meant in the sense that who-ever is appointed to get investors interested in the company and keeping them interested, should be a…

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Depository and Portfolio Management in International Markets

In today's volatile and intricate market investment requires constant attention and monitoring. The demand made on energy and time by other businesses may not leave the people with the capacity to attend to their personal portfolio with degree of care they deem appropriate. Portfolio management is a…

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Investment Opportunities in The Forex Market

If you are an investor, there are a lot of opportunities for you out there. The foreign exchange market is one of the most lucrative investment opportunities that you can avail. It is also known as FX or Forex. As a matter of fact, it's one of the biggest financial markets where $4 trillion of value…

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CL King Corporate Finance Consulting - Trendy Assistant to Financing

Finance is now part of most common and trivial activities of routine life. Be it marketing, selling any wares, assistance to any person in any form, finance forms the core element. Finance having widespread branches is not merely confined to regular chores of life. In tune of this discussion, comes …

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