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How Reliable Equity Research Reports Are?

What is an Equity Research Report?

Equity research reports also called as Securities research reports is a report written by a brokerage or research firms for its clients in order to help their investors to make investment decisions in a shares. An equity research report includes an analysis of the company, industry and provides sufficient information based on which an investor can take a decision.


Content of the report

The report usually has the following information -

  • Company Overview 
  • Key Highlights 
  • Industry Snap Shot 
  • News Analysis 
  • Financial Analysis 
  • Risk Factors 
  • Valuation Methodology 
  • Investment rationale


Normally most of the equity research reports have this information; however there is no hard and fast rule in which an equity research report should be written. The content varies from companies to companies. Finally the report provides a target price based on complete analysis.



  • Every report wholly reflects views and personal opinion of the analyst as on the date of publication; 
  • Analyst does not have interest in the shares of the company. 
  • Remuneration of the analyst is not linked directly to any specific research recommendations contained in the report.


Reliability of reports

  • An analyst writes reports based on the information available. Available information means all the information available to public or through databases.
  • You cannot rely completely on a report for an investment decision, however these reports offers good piece of advice and analysis which is definitely helpful.


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