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Stock Analysis - The Essence of Stock Picking

Stock analysis is a key element in order to purposefully come up with stock market predictions. When it comes to personal finance and the accretion of financial wealth, many people look to the stock market. The reason is simple: Participating in the stock market is stimulating. But as with any other type of investment, there are always risks and challenges entailed. In order to play it safely, you have to arm yourself with relevant information and formulate strategies that work and keep you comparatively safe. This is particularly important because there is no foolproof approach in terms of stock picking. The best way for you to survive this roller coaster of an endeavor is to keep yourself informed and to stay true to established strategies for staying afloat.


Stock analysis has two types: fundamental and technical. These two are exceptionally significant factors in determining the direction of the stock market. Practically all stock market trading systems depend on one or both forms. Fundamental analysis is all about a company's fiscal status, its earnings, and financial assets, along with its debt. The goal is to find the intrinsic value, or the real worth, of a stock. Technical analysis focuses on the history of stock share prices and volumes, previous market activity, and the path that the stock market is taking. The objective is to use the data to make conjectures about the potential movement of the price of a stock.


Having confidence stemming from the rooted know how on these two methods is an excellent quality in an investor. Many individuals often look at technical analysis as the more significant of the two. But some professionals point out that analyzing the fundamentals of a particular stock can put you considerable steps ahead of your trading peers. Meanwhile, technical analysis, as some experts indicate, employs completely different theories and uses a totally distinct set of criteria as compared with fundamental analysis. The bottom line, though, is that there is no single approach to pick stocks.


If you are a beginning investor, you can learn about the essentials of investing through stock analysis software made available by many companies, or through online discount brokers. Or, you can subscribe to various financial websites that provide educational, valuable materials and vast information on investing. These sites would typically focus on the basics needed to learn and understand the workings of the stock market. Most often, these websites will offer information about stock trading and investment, trading strategies and ideas, relevant stock picks, as well as useful techniques to help investors maneuver their way around the stock market.


Becoming a good stock-picker can influence your wealth accumulation objectives to a great extent. If you develop the dexterity to pick stocks, you will have better chances of accomplishing the main reason why you are in the stock market in the first place: wealth. Many industry gurus, however, reiterate the fact that investing in the stock market using different strategies is nothing more than applying a concept or a theory. For that reason, you will be better off if you can determine the best strategy that will fit your investing style, your tolerance for risk as well as the amount of time you can in investing and picking stocks.


C.L. King’s Equities division provides superior fundamental research, sales and execution services to our institutional clientele. Our professionals embody an entrepreneurial drive for excellence as well as a commitment to work with our clients to help them achieve and exceed their investment objectives. We identify opportunities for superior investment returns by discovering overlooked and underfollowed small- to mid-capitalization stocks within select industry sectors, while providing differentiated and comprehensive intelligence. We put our customers first as we respond to their needs for integrity, independent thinking, in-depth stock analysis and best execution.


We’re pleased to announce that CL King Analysts Mike Gallo and Scott Stember have been recognized as Top Stock Pickers in the 2017 Thomson Reuters United States Analyst Awards, which were previously known as StarMine awards.

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