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Why Banking Offshore is More Secure Than Onshore?

Banking offshore is more secured than onshore as it offers more advantage than domestic banks to business men. The only different is it is situated outside the residence country or domicile of account holder and onshore is located in home country where you live. Offshore banking is a type of shell for investor who is depositing money in other countries.


Past days it is only considered for criminals and smugglers but the fact is different because there is no advertisement for these type of accounts and exploring the benefits in any media. Offshore banking have strict privacy for funds and data of account holders which is unlike with onshore bank account. These banks do not reveal the information to third party, and anybody can't able to know your amount and saving history. Include day to day checking with short and long term saving accounts. Commonly it is used to store the cash that most people use offshore bank for. A required bank service for wealthy people who live in unstable political and economy countries where fear to lose their money if any problem persists. So the save money from being lose offshore bank account for online transaction is suitable options.


Stuffs that differentiate Offshore from Onshore


  • Assets Protection - Posses great security to assets protection Asset confiscation has taken place in Cyprus, Ireland, Hungary, and Poland just recently.
  • Diversify Risk - Banking diversify whole risk of being lose money as add protection to your money Money kept offshore is harder to have frozen or seized. In many cases, offshore banking also allow greater privacy and secrecy... all of it legal.
  • Interest Rate is higher - Provide high interest rate on your saving, offer interest up to 10 times more than your domestic bank account. If you're used to relying on interest income, this can be a game changer for you.


Can you individual open offshore bank account

Yes, many international banks offer banking offshore with numerous services unlike of your domestic bank account. All you need a notarized copy identity proof signatory passport and a copy of residence identity and corporate documentation. An initial deposit is need to activate the bank account in around 100$. There are some bank which provide services on net and don't need to visit personal with bank, but before going for online services determine which bank you are working with.


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